Caren Weinstein RGD, CDP Started

Vintage Designing Co. in 1987. 2 years after the launch of the first Mac. She obtained her Registered Graphic Designer designation in 1996 (RGD) and her Certified Design Professional designation a few years back. (CDP)

She gets he skills from prior careers in technical theatre, historic preservation and even renovating her heritage home. In the beginning Caren learned he layout chops laying out sheep and cattle auction catalogues. She is a choral singer, recently retired motorcycle rider (just too crazy out there) and recently too to kayaking!  She is also the mother of a lovely Great Dane.

Disparate as these interests may at first appear, they have stood her in good stead in her career as a graphic designer where creative talent, production knowledge and keen market perception can mean the difference between success and failure.

When COVID hit and the lock downs were a reality fo way longer than anyone thought, Caren decided to launch her woodworking side hustle. It is a natural extension of her design skills and also using her knowledge of wood working tools!